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welcome to Purgatory...

...some of your friends are probably already this fucked.

Burnt Out & Seasonal
28 August
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"Luke, you got me thinkin', you're drunk all the time"
I said "No," with a chuckle, "I'm not drunk I feel so fine."
a tribe called quest, abe froman, alkaline trio, arsenic lullaby, bad brains, ben friggin wallace, black flag, black sabbath, blur, bob dylan, chisel, clutch, coalesce, company flow, creedence clearwater revival, dan the automator, dante's inferno, detroit pistons, don cabellero, donnie darko, dream theater, elliot smith, faith no more, family guy, fifteen, fugazi, george romero, guided by voices, helmet, hieroglyphics, inside five minutes, jane's addiction, jawbreaker, jethro tull, johnny depp, kate brackney, katie holmes, kool keith, laughter of the damned, leaving rouge, mitch hedburg, mr. bungle, nights in michigan, nirvana, office space, olivia tremor control, outkast, pavement, picasso triggerfish, playing hockey, playing music, radiohead, red hot chilli peppers, rites of spring, rosemary's baby, sarah silverman, sigur ros, small brown bike, smashing large home appliances, smashing small home appliances, snapcase, sonic youth, starflyer 59, suicide machines, sunny day real estate, superchunk, the beach boys, the beatles, the big lebowski, the broadways, the cars, the cartridge family, the clash, the cure, the damned, the deftones, the dismemberment plan, the divine comedy, the doors, the fundamentals, the kinks, the lawrence arms, the mc5, the minutemen, the misfits, the pharcyde, the pixies, the ramones, the replacements, the simpsons, the smiths, the violent femmes, the who, the zombies, thoughts of ionesco, tool, tortoise, tuesday, weakerthans, weezer, writing in general, writing music